Automated Life

The Automated Life version includes Messages, Calendars, Repairs & Maintenance, Document Control, Support. The interface can be customised and links to third party apps can be included into the menu of tiles.



Multiple ‘Personal’ and ‘Group’ can be created by administrator users.

‘Personal’ chats are between individual users which are not visible to other users. ‘Group’ chats are visible to all users of a group. Groups can be created, such as ‘Building Residents Level 3-22’ for easy management of user notifications.

The messenger feature allows for not only important Building Manager notifications, but also informal resident / user communication such as social events, fire warden groups, council of owners etc.

As a result of the messages feature, residents have easy access to the village’s community without having to join other ‘social’ and ‘chat’ groups.

It often happens that residents, who are independent of the building managers and administrators, create their own groups with impunity. Automated Life provides Building Managers much needed oversight to the correspondence and dialogue. Organisations Managers and Building Managers have direct review of the public correspondence and can mute or delete offensive posts or users if necessary.

”The Automated Life app has changed the way I communicate with other residents and friends in the building. I love the way we have all embraced the app to communicate for building notices/notifications and for one-on-one messages.”

Resident #Apt808



Multiple calendars can be created which allow residents to self-manage the use of their own facilities. Building Managers can control timing to items such as lifts, delivery bays, games rooms, etc.

The Calendar function can also manage value added services such as cleaners, handyman, move in/out preparation, etc.

No longer is a 7-day week concierge required when you can now have staff within the development mobile and responding to resident requests in a heartbeat.

If necessary, to ensure a fair use of the facilities and services, bookings can be approved by either Administrators and /or Building Managers. Furthermore, notifications can also be sent to other Building Managers (such as cleaners), so that they may know to service the area afterwards.

Residents now have convenient control to book both facilities and services at their discretion. As a result of the transparent and instant communication, as well as accountability, the relationship between residents and building managers is enhanced.


Repairs & Maintenance

Prompt and efficient service requests is essential to an efficient running of a village community, whether it be in a single building or spread throughout a series of buildings. The traditional method of contacting a concierge, who then contacts the facility manager, who then contacts the trade repairman is over.

The Repairs & Maintenance feature allows both Residents and Building Managers to log a repair request. The request includes details such as description, location, contact person for the repair. Photographs are able to be attached to the notification so that it can be vetted remotely and easily identified on site.

Administrators and Building Managers can then review the repair request remotely, approve it, allocate it to the respective trade and keep track of it. Therefore, instead of a series of inconvenient inspections, the repair request can be vetted remotely and allocated to a repairman who can arrive on site with the right tool fix the issue.

Residents can then track the progress and ultimately confirm that the repair has been undertaken before the defect is archived for future reference.

For Property Developers, having the ability for residents to report defects which can be easily vetted and forwarded to the builder is priceless. The archive feature allows defects to be stored for future reference.


Document Control

Files and folders can be loaded up and allocated in terms of groups so that residents can only see what they need to.

This allows Administrators and Building Managers to load up documents which all users can access. This includes warranties, manuals, building administration, etc.

Files can be viewed easily on the mobile app or attached to an e-mail or sms.

Documents can also be archived, for example the Minutes of Meeting, As-Built Drawings, Past Resolutions, etc can all be stored for future reference.


Home Automation

The Automated Life interface can be customised, not only in terms of colour scheme, but also in terms of adding third party applications.

For example, if a building uses a proprietary cloud based application such as intercom, air-conditioning, lighting, blinds, metering, access control, they can all be added as ‘third party’ applications within the Automated Life App.

Custom built tiles are also possible. This includes development of software to access BACnet devices and other IP Equipment via the Internet.


Automated Life & Automated Life Plus