Dashboard & Security

A web-based dashboard provides an ‘Organisation Manager’ control and oversight of various Buildings which are then independently reviewed and controlled by various ‘Building Managers’.

This Dashboard allows administrators to amend users, change passwords, amend icons etc.


There is no doubt that the IoT provides a risk to security. To try mitigate this risk, Administrators and Building Managers have access to delete users and change passwords.

It’s also important to note that most buildings should still be responsibly protected via VPNs and other forms of security. The Automated Life application often uses the third party protocols, and therefore, relies upon the security that is already present in those IP based devices.

Building Administrator

Organisation and Building Administrators have a direct view of the public correspondence and can mute residents or delete offensive posts if necessary.

The use of Automated Life is subject to the fair use policy and users may be deleted without notice if the company considers a user’s use to be in breach of the policy.


Automated Life & Automated Life Plus